Friday, 29 May 2009

Jan Evans Name Party

I am organizing a Jan Evans name party so that we can all get together, widen our social network, have fun and raise some money for charity. I know it’s a mad idea but.. imagine a room full of Jan Evans’s. No need for introductions. We are ALL called Jan Evans! 

 I shall pay for the room hire and organise the entertainment. The only things the other Jans need to bring are a dish to share and whatever they'd like to drink. If they’d like to contribute to a water aid project in Africa that would be great but that’s absolutely up to them.  The party is on the 22nd August 2009 7.30pm – 11pm, in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, UK. I will send accommodation possibilities if anyone needs to stay over.

To my knowledge this is the first time anyone has tried to have a name party so we'll be a part of history and make a difference to a village in Africa. One of us can’t do much but together!!! WE CAN. Please tell any Jan or Janice Evans you know. You can contact me on

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  1. my brother's name is Jan and my middle name is Evans. if we both come does that count?